Procedure for Joining Newton Road Conservative Club


In order to be able to join you need to satisfy the following criteria:

         You must be at least 18 years of age

         You must be prepared to state that you are broadly in agreement with the aims of the Conservative Party

         You must not have made an unsuccessful application nor been expelled from the club during the previous 12 months


Assuming you meet these criteria, you will then need to do the following:

1)      You will need to obtain an application form. These can be obtained by contacting the club. A 5 deposit is payable on receipt of the form. The deposit will either be used to offset the joining fee or, in the event you are refused membership will be returned to you.

2)      You then need to complete the application form and get it signed by an existing member of the club who is willing to propose your membership and by another member who is willing to second it.

3)      You should then return the completed form to the club (either handing it in at the bar or posting it to the Club Secretary).

4)      Your name will then appear on a list of prospective members displayed on a notice board in the club in case any member wishes to comment on your application.

5)      You will then be invited to the club for an interview.

6)      If you are successful (a large majority are), then you will become a member on payment of a joining fee of 15 and an annual membership fee of 15 (less the deposit you paid for the application form). The full annual membership fee is payable at whatever point in the year that you join and then in every subsequent January. Annual membership fees become due on 1st January and members are given until the end of January to pay failure to do so will result in the membership lapsing, which will mean that you have to apply again.